Tad’s ornament

One of the biggest motivations I had for starting this blog is the fact that we have a stellar collection of ornaments on the tree — ornaments remarkable not because they are innately beautiful or exceptionally valuable… or perhaps because they are both, though not in measurable terms. Each of the ornaments on our tree carries with it a piece of our history, which makes trimming the tree each year the best kind of walk down memory lane. Call me self-indulgent, but I wanted to have a place to catalog our ornaments and their stories.

And so today, on World AIDS Day, I give you Tad’s ornament. I discovered this piece somewhere just after my step-brother died, and my mom and I bought up enough to spread around the family. For so long, all I could do was cry when I pulled the fragile glass ball with the red ribbon inside out of its box, but this year I smiled. With a heavy heart, I smiled.



4 Responses to “Tad’s ornament”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Suzie—I didn’t know that you had one of these ornaments. It’s now 4:15 Thursday morning, and you have given me a cathartic (sp?) eyewash…I love you!


  2. Martha Vernon Says:

    I literally stopped breathing when I read your post. Our ornament did not survive when Jamie dropped the ornament box many years ago…Jamie almost didn’t survive either….but I smile everytime I see it in Haddonfield! Love you!!!

  3. Mom Says:

    Suzie, this post describes exactly how I feel every year when Tad’s ornament is placed VERY carefully on our tree. We lost so much when he left us, but I am so glad we had the chance to be a part of his life for the time we did.
    Your entire blog is so well written, I’m (1) in awe and (2) afraid to post a comment lest it seem like kindergarten-style writing! Much Love,

  4. Leslie Says:

    i never got the opportunity to meet tad (that i remember), but from the way you describe him and the ornament that reminds you of him every year i really wish i had. like jeff, i also teared up. can’t wait to keep reading. love you<3

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