Why hang a wreath on the front door when you can have one on a plate?

You know those places you can go when you’re feeling all frustrated-artist-y and paint your own pottery? Well earlier this week, for a non-profit event, we arranged to have the pottery brought to us for painting. Talk about low stress!

To the left, I give you the end product of a collaborative effort on the part of my three year old and I. Much to my surprise, she was not won over by the idea of painting her fingers to decorate a plate (I think the snowman cookies someone brought over as a snack proved too great a distraction); however, when she saw some of her friends using Q-TIPS! TO PAINT DOTS! That got her attention, enough so that I can put her name on this plate and not feel like I’m totally misleading people.


The fine specimen on the right was produced by another 3 year old pal. (He, too, was captivated by the array of holiday sweets on hand, but not as much as my girl, apparently. Quelle surprise!) I think I see the use of some q-tip here, as well, along with brushes and fingers. My favorite rendition of an abstract Santa this season. :)



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