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Little pink houses

December 23, 2010













Back in the day, my mom used to live in Bermuda. For real! Let me tell you, that was a good time, when going “home” for grad school breaks meant flying south to that picture-perfect island (situated in a much more temperate climate than Cambridge). A long-time favorite of the women in my family — yes, I’m thinking of you, Great Aunt Elsie, and the paintings you did during your stays on the island however many decades ago — Bermuda proved equally captivating to me. This ornament isn’t actually from a trip that I took… maybe it came back with my mom, as a souvenir of her first visit? But I couldn’t have picked a better one to capture my own memories of that fantastic place. My very favorite part of any visit to Bermuda is the final moments of the flight in, when the turquoise waters become more and more vibrant before giving way to the impossibly white beaches, then the pastel rainbow of houses dotting the island. For some people, little pink houses may make them think of John Cougar Mellancamp… but for me, they’ll always belong to Bermuda.


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