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Do your happy dance

December 13, 2011

This ornament is older than I am. (Well, that’s not actually saying much, since there are a umber of ornaments on our tree that are older than I am. But I digress.) This vintage ornament is one of my very favorites. Every year when we’re decorating the tree, I fear that my little Snoopy might not have made it through… but he always does. That’s part of the charm of Snoopy, isn’t it? His indomitability in the face of whatever adversaries come his way, whether they pose physical threats like the Red Baron or more ephemeral ones like the unyielding passage of time.

I love to think of the little hands that made this ornament, my youngest aunt as a crafty kid, her childlike mind that conceived printed comic + plexiglass + lace + velvet ribbon = masterpiece! To think of her, so satisfied with the end result of her artistic endeavor, doing her own happy dance a la Snoopy. To think of my daughter, who will do a happy dance each year when she hangs this ornament on her tree and thinks of all this after my aunt & I are long gone.

Because you know this damn Snoopy ornament is going to outlast us all.


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